Part 1

28/04/2016 20:41

Most of you that visit my web and read my ‘fabula’ must knew that most of my posting is about my family and my bestfriend.both of them is my most important and I really treasure them.

You knew, I had a bestfriend named Senzy. Because God love her so much, so she went back to Jesus Christ on March 3th 2014. I feel down and sad for almost 3 month because of that. Then I meet my new best, named Lily. She is gorgeous and she is the person that cherish her friends. We met at church and became best friend, she always came to my house almost everyday and sometimes she came until 11.59pm. Our relation is so sweet, she make me move on from Senzy. I know her, really. Ya, you can read it in my old post if you wanna knew more about us.

And then, 4 week ago, our friendship broken. She said that she want to go to another church. I was sad because I know, the only way to us meet was when we went to church every Sunday and Saturday night.

She went to another church because of a community she went everyday near our home. Charismatic community. Extreme actually. I said to Lily before to be careful when she went to a community. At first, we went together, but because what the community tell is different from what way I trust, I quit. I believe, in Christian, the most important thing is love a.k.a kasih, not diver an ideology, strong ideology. But lily like it and wanna knew more about that. Wanna knew about Christ, about Lord.

I don’t wanna say this, but you must know. Lily diagnosed had a cancer, tiroid cancer. I had feeling that, ya, many people that sick will became religious, and wanna knew more about God. It’s good, yea, it’s good. I didn’t say Lily forbid to come to that community, I just said she to be careful about its.

She became someone that I didn’t knew.

What I wanna say is, Lily became very religious with strong ideology. I felt that she was conceited in religy. She said that she gifted ability from God to see something future, pray to God for people, and ability to using “Bahasa Roh”.I was aware of Lily and not comfortable.

When Lily left me behind, I was sad and crying. I asked myself, where our time that we’we cherish together? Teaching sunay schoo, spent new year night, ibadah together.. that priceless.

Capek bahasa inggris

Hari selasa kemarin, aku membantu di warung. Ada Kak Tylsa disana. Dan aku bertanya mengenai keadaan Lily. Betapa kagetnya aku ketika mendengar Lily seperti bukan Lily. Lily seperti anak kecil dan tidak mengingat siapa-siapa. Begitu khawatir, aku pergi ke rumah lily saat itu juga. Aku buang egoku saat dia meninggalkan aku 4 minggu yang lalu. Aku datang ke rumh Lily, melihat keadaannya, dan menangis.. menangis sejadi-jadinya. Lily ingat siapa aku, tapi dia tidak merasakan apa-apa saat bertemu aku. dia melihat aku seperti orang asing.

Barulah hari ini, 23 April, aku mendapat cerita lengkap mengenai Lily.