Mrs Jan Levene

01/07/2015 11:37

Syaloom, greeting you with Jesus Christ’love

Helo Mrs Jan Lavene, how are you? I’m so happy that Aunty reply for my letter last time. I’m glad that Aunty and family in good condition too. So much happy that makes me wanna reply Aunty letter as soon as possible so I write this letter to my web and wish fortunately Aunty will read this letter sooner.

I know that our company where confront us are not permit us to contact each other without their permission.. But I’m really happy that Aunty reply my letter, it’s been a long time L

Aunty, this is my web where I telling my story life without any burden. But it’s the first time for me to write a letter with English, so forgive me if there many wrong sentence in this letter.

I’m became a teacher in Sunday school from last year and there are many things what can I learn from my children although I’m theirs teacher. children teach me how to speak in front of many people, how to get their attention when they’re not really interest about the lesson material and also I can learn how  to be patient.. I’m not alone, I always teach them with my bestfriend, Lily. She leads the songs and I will playing my guitar. Aunty,  I can play guitar and keyboard now J  Not only sing a song but also make a game with a gift for the winner. Children likes gift, right ma’am? Hehehe

In my study, it’s almost 1 year when I entered university life. I think I already assimilate with my classmates and also the sphere there. I have a friend name Ica. Usually, I went to campus at 7 am until 2 pm. But sometimes there are supplement class or lab work and finished at 5-8pm. Although it’s not as fun at High School but I’m still work on that. Aunty, sometimes I think that I was choose the wrong major. I think I don’t matches with Electrical Engineer. I wanna change my major but my parent didn’t give their permission and also I already receive Nations scholarship in electrical engineering. It’s impossible for me to change my major, right? What should I do Ma’am? If I can choose what major is it, I wanna enter medico major, but it’s so expensive and I can’t  neglect my responsibility when myself choose electrical engineer…