March, 27 2016 (Easter day, Day-1 Exam)

27/03/2016 12:55

Hi my bestfriend

Good bye…

I’m feeling lost, although I has been anticipated that someday you will leave me, and someday became today, I can’t handle this. You know?

Is that so simple for you to say goodbye to me, when you’re the one that telling me ‘bout friendship is. Where our 3 years together that you always proud of, that we were cherish. Get lost. You.

God, this enough. Athough I lost my bestfriend again, I will still thank You to You because You gave me opportunity again, at least, to heal my wound when I lost Senzy that you take away forever from me. It’s enough Jesus. Sincerity, thank you.. I will not ask You to give me bestfriend again, this is enough.

I’m sick.

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